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Metapowers Classification & Prime

John Vladman


Before we begin the uploading of the entire book unto the site, allow us to categorize and catalogue our Metapowers in the upcoming Beta. In this post we can discuss the upcoming Beta changes in Classifications, Energy Types, Stat Roll and name (Metapowers are named in a specific way on purpose, for example if you see any Metapower with the name "Animate" (Such as Animate Plants) - you will automatically know that Metapower is Classfied as Herder. 






AKA: Survivalist, Adapters, Tanks

Metapowers Classified as Anvil hold the defensive capabilities of the game. From straightforward defense such as Invurenability or Meta Constitution, to psychic defenses, reactive adaptable defenses and even utilitarian defenses such as Invisibility and Intangibility.

Intangibility Material Anvil Endurance
Invisibility Material Anvil Reflexes
Invurenability Material Anvil Endurance
Life Restoration Elemental Anvil Endurance
Lunar Powers Elemental Anvil Power
Meta Constitution Material Anvil Endurance
Meta Will Psychic Anvil Will
Reactive Adaptation Material Anvil Reflexes
Regeneration Material Anvil Endurance
Solar Powers Elemental Anvil Power
Subtance Imitation Material Anvil Endurance



AKA: Movers (previous name), Crowd Controllers, Directors , Pushers

Metapowers Classified as Controller have control over the environment and others. From movement restrictions or preventions,  barrier creation and even control over diseases or sound of an area.


Control Dark Matter Cosmic Controller Awareness
Control Density Cosmic Controller Will
Control Earth Elemental Controller Creativity
Control Gravity Cosmic Controller Will
Control Kinetic Energy Material Controller Will
Control Magnetism Cosmic Controller Will
Control Matter Material Controller Will
Control Sound Elemental Controller Power
Disease Creation Elemental Controller Creativity
Forcefield Creation Material Controller Creativity
Substance Creation Elemental Controller Creativity



AKA: Transporter, Projectors, Navigators

Metapowers Classified as Cosmonaut can appear and disappear from view through instant transportation (or personnel, inventory or even vehicles) , increased movement speeds or even directly interdimensional travel.

Aether Projection Cosmic Cosmonaut Creativity
Astral Projection Cosmic Cosmonaut Conscience
Dark Energy Projection Cosmic Cosmonaut Awareness
Flight Elemental Cosmonaut Reflexes
Inner Projection Cosmic Cosmonaut Endurance
Light Projection Elemental Cosmonaut Perception
Meta Speed Material Cosmonaut Reflexes
Nether Projection Cosmic Cosmonaut Will
Portal Projection Cosmic Cosmonaut Creativity
Quantum Projection Cosmic Cosmonaut Awareness
Teleport Cosmic Cosmonaut Perception



AKA: Muscle, Brawns

Metapowers Classified as Hammers are the most effective and dangerous in one on one situations. They might not have the wide array of artillery the Classification Kineticists possess (see below), but in single combat or against few opponents, their might is unmatched.

Animal Powers Elemental Hammer Power
Elasticity Material Hammer Reflexes
Energy Empowerment Cosmic Hammer Power
Meta Reflexes Material Hammer Reflexes
Meta Strength Material Hammer Power
Meta Touch Material Hammer Perception
Morphic Powers Elemental Hammer Power
Planetary Powers Elemental Hammer Power
Shapeshifting Material Hammer Endurance
Singularity Powers Cosmic Hammer Power
Sizeshifting Material Hammer Endurance



AKA: Animators, Summoners, Army raisers, Generals, Crafters

Herders are army raises, meta-crafters, resource producers and gatherers. Given time, these Metanthropes can create entire armies of loyal subordinates, craft improved items or gain control of rival stocks and land by conquer.

Animate Animals Elemental Herder Manipulation
Animate Death Psychic Herder Creativity
Animate Objects Material Herder Conscience
Animate Plants Elemental Herder Manipulation
Animate Radiation Cosmic Herder Will
Animate Technology Psychic Herder Manipulation
Duplicate Object Material Herder Creativity
Duplicate Self Psychic Herder Conscience
Immortality Elemental Herder Endurance
Meta Ingenuity Psychic Herder Creativity
Animate Spirits Psychic Herder  Manipulation



AKA: Cannons (previous name), Showrunners

Kineticists are synonym to effects that affect entire areas and large groups of people. From destructive to deconstructive forces, Kineticists are the most capable Metanthropes of turning entire lands into disasters.

Acidokinesis Elemental Kineticists Reflexes
Aerokinesis Elemental Kineticists Reflexes
Antikinesis Cosmic Kineticists Creativity
Atomokinesis Material Kineticists Perception
Electrokinesis Elemental Kineticists Reflexes
Hydrokinesis Elemental Kineticists Reflexes
Meteorokinesis Elemental Kineticists Will
Pyrokinesis Elemental Kineticists Reflexes
Seismokinesis Elemental Kineticists Power
Telekinesis Psychic Kineticists Will
Thermokinesis Elemental Kineticists Will


Law Bender

AKA: Cheaters, Benders, Brains

Law Benders tap into the very foundational forces of Cosmos and change the rules of their reality, therefore the rules of the game. From Metapower influencing Metapowers to completely game changing effects such as the flow of time or luck itself.

Augment Metapower Cosmic Law Bender Awareness
Chaos Bending Cosmic Law Bender Conscience
Decrease Metapower Cosmic Law Bender Awareness
Luck Bending Cosmic Law Bender Awareness
Meta Intelligence Psychic Law Bender Perception
Mirror Metapower Cosmic Law Bender Manipulation
Negate Metapower Cosmic Law Bender Power
Order Bending Cosmic Law Bender Conscience
Time Bending Cosmic Law Bender Perception
Transfer Metapower Cosmic Law Bender Creativity
Warp Reality Psychic Law Bender Conscience



AKA: Informants, Scouts, Detectors

Trackers have access to information others do not. From extrasensory senses, to detecting and tracking capabilities up to divinations and visions.

4th Wall Breaking Psychic Tracker Conscience
6th Sense Psychic Tracker Awareness
Ancestral Communication Psychic Tracker Conscience
Detect Metapower Psychic Tracker Awareness
Detect Object Material Tracker Perception
Meta Hearing Material Tracker Perception
Meta Scent Material Tracker Perception
Meta Taste Material Tracker Perception
Meta Vision Material Tracker Perception
Precognition Psychic Tracker Awareness
Retrocognition Psychic Tracker Awareness


Will Breaker

AKA: Manipulators, Influencers, Persuaders, Dominators

Will Breakers can influence attitude, mood, decision making, invade the thoughts inside the mind of others and even directly control of their actions.

Consciousness Possession Psychic Will Breaker Conscience
Hypnopathy Psychic Will Breaker Manipulation
Illusion Manipulation Psychic Will Breaker Conscience
Memory Manipulation Psychic Will Breaker Manipulation
Meta Charisma Psychic Will Breaker Manipulation
Meta Empathy Psychic Will Breaker Awareness
Meta Memory Psychic Will Breaker Conscience
Mind Control Psychic Will Breaker Manipulation
Pheromone Manipulation Elemental Will Breaker Manipulation
Telepathy Psychic Will Breaker Manipulation
Toxin Manipulation Elemental Will Breaker Endurance


Following picture contains all the above together.




Comment Bellow any Class,Energy,Stat or Name you feel it is not fitting, followed by your recommendation replacement

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  • Conductor
Kostas Koronaios


epeidh koitaxa to dark energy, pou to aneferes sto last session, einai ontws poly wraio team support kai to psinw na to kanw swap apo to aether alla sto pdf to xeis san perception stat, edw to blepw awareness which is the correct?
also de blepw to anti-matter katholou?!
kalo einai na xeroume poios einai o swstos mbousoulas giati to new system einai tsouxtero kai den mboreis na "diorthwseis" trypes down the road eukola opote se sxesh me to all beta pdf, ti einai to pio egkuro/swsto!?

  • Meta 1
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  • Conductor

Arketa diaforetiko apo Aether to D.E, tha sou lega na perimenes ligo akoma na ginun updated kai ta 2 kai na dialekseis meta. Genika afto to post periexei ta lattest versions opote metraei oti leei edw. 

To anti matter einai to "Antikinesis ("Antimateriokinesis was a bit long")

Ti ennoeis mpbousoulas? Oi times toy unlocking new power progressing ktl, den exun kathoristei akoma. Oti einai edw einai pio egkuro/swsto. 

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  • Conductor
Kostas Koronaios


mbousoulas enow guide! pws ta katalhxei to unlock cost ktl!

ok cool, den to ebriska me "anti-" search kai paraxeneutika! (kai to time mou phre ligo na to brw giati epsaxna me "control" 😄)

sure nai diaforetika, alla telika opws to de mborw na pw oti blepw to actual functionality pera apo to heal support
auto pou eipes to paradeigma me to structure kai pws to blepeis analoga to aether/nether control nai to akouw alla prepei na apotupothei se kati tangible (blepe passive h activatable ability gia future vision, an kai eipes exei perisoterh sxesh me "idees" kai "blueprints"(more vagueness!)) allios den to pianw sth praxh ti to kanw!! 😛

ena pragma pou mou rthe sto mualo pantos einai oti to "bending" suffix thumizei ligo airbender!

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Bourantas Nontas


Ok. Σήμερα βρήκα λίγο χρόνο και διάβασα το όλο concept. Πολύ καλό! Θέλει σίγουρα testάρισμα, πράγμα για το οποίο είμαστε εμείς εδώ. Απλά αγαπητέ μου, (κόμμα) Narrator, εάν πρόκειται να αλλάξουμε σε αυτό το σύστημα την ερχόμενη Παρασκευή, μην το μάθουμε τελευταία στιγμή και τρέχουμε πανικόβλητοι!

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  • Conductor

Oxi dn vgainei, thn allh vdomada, apla tha frodisume na exume kai tis dynameis anevasmenes prwta gia na tis meletisete kai to Prime Metapower Xp system etoimo gia na exete peripoy mia vdomada na skefthte tis allages toy char. Opote pistevw afth th Paraskevh teleftaio session prin to restart !


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  • Conductor

Greetings again Metanthropes,

dokimazw diafora builds gia to Prime Timeline. Den moy vganei pote 100% teleio. Isws einai kati poy tha anakalypsw sthn poreia kai dn mu vgainei twra, alla to Hammer opws kai na to kanw den moy paei me polla na kanei matching kai kada 1 me 2 sto synolo den tha kolane full (PX Hammer me Herder [ ksilo k summoner]. 

Postarw 2 alla builds edw poy eftiaksa (xwris ta 9gramma toys) 

Oi 4 dynameis deksia einai ta Matching (ta non matching einai ta rest)



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