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    Community members can unlock higher Ranks by being active on the website (for more about what how to increase your Rank, visit here). Higher Ranks unlock additional content, give access to new website features, and give new roles to our Discord server, as seen in the following picture. There are total 20 Ranks a members can ascend to. These are the milestone Ranks of Metanthropes which are the Bystander, Audience, Instrument, Concertmaster, Conductor, and Orchestrator, whenever members ascend to any of those milestone Ranks, they unlock new content and/or website features. Ranks in between the milestones are thematic Ranks, which exists only to signify progress.


  • Additional Information

    For more about what each Chapter includes, visit their tables of contents:



    Introductory Sessions introduce new Players to the system and lore of Metanthropes. It is the recommended way to get acquainted with the game. One-Shot Sessions are one-off story, centered around one singular story arc and event in-game. Players can experience different builds for their Protagonists, not necessarily limited to the rules for newly created Protagonists. Meta Arenas are events which are centered around constant Action Scenes, and not roleplay. During such events Players can engage in Protagonist VS Protagonist, or Protagonists VS Antagonists/Environment scenarios. Sagas are ongoing stories which are composed of multiple Sessions. Players have a chance to develop their Protagonists there, and enjoy more in-depth roleplay and story progression. Multiversal Sagas are special events that include multiple Groups which play in the same Multiverse. The actions of one Group can influence the world of the other Groups, and they all share NPCs, locations, events and more. Such events culminate in epic cross-over events where all the Groups unite for the culmination of the story. For more about Introductory, One-Shot, Meta Arena, and Saga Sessions, visit the Events page.


    Coalitions are private clubs, where members can form their own playgroups. At Private Coalitions, only members can find the Coalition and see its posts. Users need to be invited by a leader to join. At Closed Coalitions everyone can see the Coalition and who's in it, but only members can see posts and participate. Users need to ask a leader to join. At Open Coalitions, everyone can see the Coalition and its posts, but only members can participate. Everyone can join. There can they can share private Forums, Blogs (for in-game, and out-of-game entries), Galleries, space where they can share attachments, and a Calendar where they can organize their own Events. For a list of public Coalitions, visit here.


    Forums include Official Information, and Content Discussion threads, which are public to all members. Audience and above members gain access to Content Discussion threads, and each Rank gains access to their own private forums. For a list of all available conversations, visit here.


    Blogs include major announcements, as well as development news. For a list of all available topics, visit here.


    All Audience and above members can create their own content to the Metabase, which will be incorporated and cross-linked with other entries of our Metabase. For a list of Player-made Protagonists, visit here.


    All members of the website gain Discord Roles according to their Rank. For more information, you can join our Discord server




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