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    • CarlC
      Please understand that the name was a placeholder. 😂 I wanted to differentiate it from Predator, as well as that "Competitor" one I spit-balled in the Discord. Have someone who's just a person with rough edges, but maybe not as ambitious or bloodthirsty as a Predator would be. 
    • The Composer
      Hello Carl,  Thank you for your suggestions! We will make sure to create a page for community created content one day.  Your recommendations seem very interesting, everyone loves a redemption arc :)! As for the regression, I don't think I would include "name-calling" to the game, but with a different name it certainly is an interesting option for roleplay! 
    • CarlC
      ARC: Redemption  Others may want to change the whole world (or more), but you've decided to start with the toughest, slipperiest, most stubborn part first: yourself.  On one end, you're just someone who lacks direction and can feel opportunities slipping away by the minute. Now that you have powers, you have a second chance to grab the reins of your destiny. You can make your mark on the world---but what type of mark should you make?  On the other end of this Arc, you screwed up in a huge, messy way. Your powers are, at the very least, a sign that you can change course. Maybe they can help you make up for what you did in a concrete way. And from there, you have a solid foundation to start making everything better. For some crusaders, it's philosophical. For you, it's deeply personal.  Gain Destiny when you demonstrate that you are changing your former ways. Gain more Destiny when, in the process, you improve the lives around you, or inspire someone else to do better.    REGRESSION: Asshole Sometimes Regression means regression, and you are who other Metanthropes point to for illustrating that point. You can have many problems, but the difference is that you make those problems everyone else's problems as well. You are difficult to be around and work with, sometimes without even realizing it. But even if you did, it's not likely that you'd care; after all, it's you who are always right and the rest of the world who is clueless. You are the last person to acknowledge your faults, the first to point out other's faults, and the slowest to change. Even Predators tend to be more socially skilled and aware than you. It is not recommended to play this unless paired with a Redemption Arc, or another suitable Arc.  Gain Destiny when you decide to see through your own nonsense and fix a problem you helped create. Gain more Destiny when you turn your unpleasant behavior on those who actually deserve it. After all, just because you're an Asshole doesn't mean you are always wrong. 
    • The Composer
      Final Interview for the Kickstarter campaign:    
    • The Composer
      Greetings Carl,   so the initial design of Metanthropes included Metapowers up to level 10. Soon after I decided that all this vast content must be segmented, much like the "epic handbooks" are for D&D.    "Omnipowered" is upcoming content which will feature Metapowers & Combos above level 5 ( + supplements which include Characters, Antagonists, & stories to use them). After the KS campaign I will post a Blog-teaser about, but for now I can give you limited information, as it is content that is later down the line. What to expect: 1) New Metapowered Effects which can influence larger areas and a plethora of targets, like planetary- or even galactic effects + 2) Multiversal Abilities which allow you to contact, interact, and travel to other Timelines. 2) Buffs, Conditions, Bonuses & Penalties that range from +/- 60% up to 100%. 4) The Endgame of all Metapowers are 5 options. All Metapowers at level 10 lead to one of these options: Omnipotence: Roll and if successful you can do pretty much anything you want Omniscience: You know everything Omnipresence: You are everywhere, all at once Aseity: You cannot die, be harmed, or removed from the story - you are reborn with a universe reset Immanence: You can command anyone (much like a "GM possession"   Just a teaser, to let your imagination run wild 🙂   
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