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    • The Composer
      Greetings Metanthropes,   Lots of celebrations lately, and we feel like sharing them with all our Patreon members!   You can become a member here: https://www.patreon.com/legitamine/membership   All our Patrons, even non-paid members gain access to the following three special live-streams:     Kickstarter Completion Celebration https://www.patreon.com/posts/kickstarter-107728246 5 Years of Metanthropes Celebration https://www.patreon.com/posts/5-years-of-107729313 1 Year Twitch Anniversary https://www.patreon.com/posts/1-year-twitch-107730195   Enjoy!  & as always Stay Legit, Stay Meta.
    • The Composer
      Greetings Metanthropes,   We have some exciting news to share. Our store has opened its doors!    Link: https://www.metanthropes.com/store/     There you can find: Zines: Our Introductory Zine PDF FVTT Premium Content: Our Foundry VTT Premium Content Modules: Introductory, Core & Homebrew Website Content: Instant access to all Player & Narrator content on the website Bundles: Amazing deals at discounted prices! Check out this development Blog for the current state of our Modules.     We would also like to share that we are taking part in the Foundry VTT Anniversary celebration!  For the period of May 22nd - June 1st you can use the coupon code on checkout "Foundry2024" and receive a 20% Discount on all your purchases!  This discount, is on top of our Early Access 20% Discount and in addition to our Bundles special discounts!   If you missed out on our first Kickstarter, make sure to take advantage of these amazing offers for the best deal!   and as always...   Stay Legit, Stay Meta. 
    • The Composer
      Hello Carl, good to hear from you again! Generally, I am trying to build from ground up the Antagonists, starting from the simplest ones - but from the conception of the game I had these ideas for Multiversal threats – enemies that not only can match the limitless capabilities of the Metanthropes, but overpower them and threaten the entire Multiverse with their presence.   Something that I can tease you about is an idea of an organism that began as a virus which quickly spread all over the planet that it originated, infesting micro-organisms, the ecosystem, and eventually all the sentient beings of its planet. As a collective gestalt mind unison then it helped the sentient beings to progress as a civilization and reach for the stars. Then it becomes able to infest at new exoplanets, and new species – slowly taking its time over millennia to become a galactic level threat. Ultimately, it has reached not just sentient – but Metapowered entities across the universe – and assimilated its capabilities and spread them across all its hosts over the galaxy.    Then things escalated very fast. By accessing Metapowers of the Clairvoyant Classification it quickly become aware of other Metapowered entities, and of the concept of the Multiverse. By accessing Metapowers of the Cosmonaut Classification it soon became able to travel across different Dimensions and eventually across different Timelines. By accessing Metapowers like Meta Cognition (which we talked about its Meta capabilities) it found out the presence of Metanthropes and soon realized its place as the ultimate threat in this simulated existence (the game).     The Metanthropes of the Prime Timeline where the first to encounter it, and decided to hide outside of space and time, inside the inter-Timeline location we perceive as the Opera – until we discover a large, a diverse group of Metanthropes across the Multiverse to become able to answer that threat.   For now, the less we know about it – the better it is for all of us, as we know it is looming out there.
    • CarlC
      Okay, soo.....what are these multidimensional threats? Can you give us some examples of what we're dealing with? 
    • The Composer
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