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  • How to Play Metanthropes RPG


    Play Metanthropes remotely as a virtual tabletop experience by playing with other players from around the globe. You will need to use a platform of communication, voice or video and optionally use the Foundry Virtual Tabletop (VTT) platform during Action Scenes, for a shared tactical experience on the same Grid and digital dice-rolling.


    💜 Register to our website. You'll need to sign-up here. We recommend to use the option image.png.dec8821374b220fde5a7c6abfb0a51bc.png when you register a new account on our website. If you already have an account on our website, visit your account settings to add your Discord account information.


    🔊 Create a Discord account. We use Discord as our main communication platform during Sessions. Once you have your Discord account, join us on our server.


    📅 Book your seat in one of the upcoming Sessions by selecting the event that interests you and clicking on the image.png.22b187721a9c8193a01ca468955d2383.png button to reserve your seat.


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