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  • Setting


    Metanthropes RPG transcends the boundaries of a specific setting, offering you the tools to unleash your imagination and bring forth any tale, from any era, in any genre. At the heart of each story are the Metanthrope Protagonists.


    The very essence of the word "Metanthrope" originates from the Greek term "Μετάνθρωπος" which translates to "beyond human." These remarkable beings embody the dichotomy between humanity and something more. What sets them apart from ordinary humans are their Metapowers — unique, metaphysical gifts that transform them into something extraordinary. Yet, even with their newfound abilities, Metanthropes remain tethered to the frailties, passions, and flaws of their human nature. In a Session of Metanthropes, Players will embody the transformative journey of an ordinary human who becomes a being of limitless capabilities. The game poses the question: What would you do with such incredible power?


    The expansive content of Metanthropes empowers Players to breathe life into any Protagonist imaginable, while Narrators have the freedom to craft any fictional stories they conjure. The setting can unfold in the present day, exploring how the modern world would be forever altered by the emergence of Metanthropes. Alternatively, it can transport you to the distant or not-so-distant future, painting a vivid picture of how Metanthropes shape the evolution of societies and civilizations. Furthermore, you can journey back to the mythological eras of human history, when Metanthropes were revered as gods walking among mortals. In Metanthropes, the Narrator introduces their envisioned world to the Players, who, in turn, present their own ideas for their unique Metanthrope Protagonists. Together, they forge a setting that reveals the origins of Metapowers, and the distinctiveness of this world compared to our own.


  • Metanthropes


    Anyone, anywhere in the world, regardless of their age, gender, or background, has the potential to become a Metanthrope. Some view that existence as a burden to bear, while others see it as a dream come true. However, the truth often lies somewhere in between. Regardless of the specific gifts they unlock, Metanthropes share some common characteristics.


    All Metanthropes possess an innate ability to learn new skills and knowledge at an extraordinary pace, while their physiology undergoes remarkable transformations. As they progress in unlocking their unique gifts, no matter their nature, they become increasingly resilient, making it incredibly difficult for them to succumb to death by any means. Elderly Metanthropes are rejuvenated, granted a breath of youth that defies the passing of time. On the other hand, younger Metanthropes mature at an accelerated rate, acquiring wisdom beyond their years. 


    Unlike other supernatural beings of other works of fiction, Metanthropes are not limited by any external source, such as an energy pool, magic, mana, spell slots, or their own vitae. Instead, their only limits are bound by their psychosynthesis and the possibility of some Metapowers backfiring. This grants them the freedom to use their powers as many times as they see fit, with no arbitrary constraints. Metanthropes can harness their Metapowers until they have accomplished their goals and fulfilled their deepest desires.


    Each Metanthrope is part of a grander destiny, a bigger picture that unfolds before them. Among them, the Protagonists, the Metanthropes portrayed by the Players, play a crucial role in any story they are involved in. The universe itself seems to revolve around them, as if destiny bends towards their will, enabling them to achieve feats that surpass ordinary limits, even among their Metanthrope kin. It is through their actions that the world evolves, and their influence ripples through the very fabric of existence.


  • Metapowers


    Once ordinary individuals like you and me, Metanthropes undergo a profound transformation known as the Metamorphosis, which bestows upon them metaphysical abilities called Metapowers. This Metamorphosis can occur at birth or at any point during their human lives. The manifestation of Metapowers can be triggered by a variety of factors, ranging from encoded genetic traits that activate at a certain age to establishing a psychic connection with beings from other Dimensions or uncovering the secrets hidden within the depths of the ocean.


    Metapowers, in their remarkable diversity, emerge without bias, often bestowed upon individuals with antithetical personality traits and abilities. It is not uncommon to witness an elderly person harnessing the strength to effortlessly lift a car, or a once cowardly individual developing an indomitable will. Social outcasts find themselves transformed into inspiring leaders, while those of high-status risk tarnishing their public image through the misuse of their newfound powers.


    Within the vast tapestry of Metanthropes' abilities lies a multitude of Metapowers, each waiting to be harnessed. No Metanthrope is limited to possessing only one Metapower; instead, they have access to a plethora of amazing abilities. These powers defy the laws of reality, allowing for the bending of space, the opening of gates to other Dimensions, telepathic communication with extraterrestrial beings, manipulation of thoughts and emotions, animation of lifeless objects, invincibility against harm, manipulation of elements, and command over the fundamental forces that govern the Cosmos.


    The breadth of possibilities offered by the Metapowers is vast, providing Metanthropes with an incredible array of tools to navigate the challenges and adventures that await them. As a Metanthrope, your journey will be characterized by exploration, discovery, and the continual unlocking of the extraordinary within.


    For more about the Metapowers, visit here.


  • Metanthrope Society


    The formation of a Metanthrope society weaves together the complexities of their shared world. The ebb and flow of Metanthropes, their presence known or hidden from humanity, the advancement of technology, and myriad other factors intertwine to shape the bonds and social dynamics among them. Some Metanthropes have never encountered another of their kind, while others remain unaware of their own innate Metapowers. Fear of exposure may drive some Metanthropes to avoid any suspicious interactions, concealing their secret abilities from the world. However, there are also those who actively seek to connect with fellow Metanthropes, yearning for the bonds of community. Together, they aspire to unite their gifts and ideas, exerting influence and driving change on both societal and individual levels. Within this diverse landscape, some Metanthropes may even rise to positions of leadership, drawing upon their past experiences in social engineering or utilizing their appropriate Metapowers.


    The world itself, with its environment and myriad of threats and opportunities, creates a necessity for convergence. As humanity responds to the emergence of Metanthropes, the need for unity becomes increasingly apparent. Additionally, a sense of familiarity often draws Metanthropes with similar Metapowers or shared origins towards one another. Those who have ties to a specific Dimension may come together and venture into these far realms together. A wealth of uncharted worlds awaits exploration, and some Metanthropes may be driven to conquer them.


    Wherever opportunities arise and opposing interests clash, the emergence of a Metanthrope society can become a battleground for geopolitical conflicts. Isolated Metanthropes, recognizing the importance of survival, may seek to form alliances, banding together against shared threats. These communities become a testament to the resilience and adaptability of Metanthropes as they navigate the complexities of a world transformed by their extraordinary powers.

  • Coalitions


    Within the world of Metanthropes, the power of unity is realized through the formation of Coalitions. A Coalition is a group of Metanthropes who work together, synergizing their Metapowers and ideas to become a force to be reckoned with, capable of shaping the world itself. While individual Metanthropes can accomplish remarkable feats, the true potential of their abilities is magnified within the collective might of a Coalition. The Players within a Group playing this game usually play the Metanthropes who are members of a Coalition.  


    Coalitions can form through various means, be it chance encounters, childhood friendships, the demands of survival, diplomatic maneuvering, the pursuit of overwhelming power, or the short-lived collaborations driven by a common goal. The destiny of Coalition members may be bound by the machinations of an enigmatic and all-powerful entity, whose motivations remain forever elusive. By joining forces, a Coalition enhances the individual capabilities of each Metanthrope, compensates for weaknesses, opens new avenues for problem-solving, and unlocks hidden potential.


    As Coalitions grow in strength and influence, multiple Coalitions can unite to form a Faction. Factions are forged by shared doctrines, visions, common goals, ideals, or under the guidance of a unified leadership. These Factions may operate across multiple locations, spanning the planet, exoplanets, and other Dimensions. With their collective power, Factions can reshape the world, even rivaling the might of any Metapowered entity. Collaboration and communication between Factions have the potential to shape the Metanthrope status quo in profound ways.


    Within the realm of Factions united by the cause of Metanthropes' welfare, diverse approaches and perspectives emerge. Some seek harmonious collaborations with humanity, leveraging their alliance for collective growth, while others prioritize their deep-rooted connection with planet Earth, safeguarding its delicate balance. However, as influences from extradimensional and extraterrestrial realms intertwine, conflicts arise, driven by differing ideologies and aspirations. This vibrant ecosystem of Factions creates a delicate balance between unity and dissonance, shaping the future of Metanthrope society according to their unique vision. 

    Amidst the multifaceted realms of politics, philosophy, and power dynamics, the fate of Metanthropes and the world hangs in the balance, as alliances form, rivalries ignite, and the eternal quest for a unified front unfolds within this intricate landscapeThe clash between two opposing Metanthropes can send shockwaves through an entire neighborhood, while the collision of two opposing Coalitions can involve governments, agencies, and militaries, with dire consequences for humanity and the planet. The magnitude of this impact proliferates when Factions collide, echoing across galaxies and species, inciting intertemporal revolutions, interdimensional geopolitical conquests, and even dealings with unfathomably powerful entities which exists in the vastness of the Multiverse. 


    For more about the Multiverse and the Dimensions within, visit here


  • Genre


    The genre of a Metanthropes Session or Saga is an open canvas, ready to be shaped according to the collective imagination of the Group. While some may consider Metanthropes closer to the realm of science fiction than fantasy, the game encompasses a diverse range of themes and elements. It delves into the realms of scientific phenomena, bridging the gap between real physics and extraordinary abilities. The genre can span from high-octane Sessions of modern urban Metapowered warfare to cyberpunk tales of augmented individuals venturing into digital Dimensions. It can encompass existential post-apocalyptic dramas, where Metanthropes navigate the aftermath of humanity's genocide, or light-hearted adventures on alien planets. The possibilities are as vast as the Multiverse itself.


    Each Group member brings their unique preferences to the table, and it is essential for all to voice their desires and expectations. This collaboration allows the Narrator to synthesize these preferences and craft a bespoke experience that caters to the collective vision of the Group. Whether the aim is to embody the classic superhero genre or to delve into the thrilling encounters with Omnipowered Cosmic entities, Metanthropes RPG offers the flexibility to fulfill these desires and create an immersive and captivating narrative.


    The Metapowers chosen by the Players for their Protagonists also have a profound impact on the story and the style of play. Each Metapower brings its own flavor and possibilities, influencing the direction and dynamics of the Saga. Metanthropes wielding mind-controlling abilities may find themselves embroiled in intricate political maneuvering and backstabbing, while those endowed with Metapowers of destructive nature become instrumental in action-packed and tactical Sagas. Choosing the right Metapower at a given time can unlock alternative solutions, unveiling new pathways and uncovering unforeseen outcomes. The vast array of Metapowers grants Metanthropes the freedom to shape their own destiny within the narrative, with their choices influencing the genre of the game.


    In the ever-expanding universe of Metanthropes, the genre is not limited to predefined tropes or boundaries. It is a living, breathing entity that evolves with the collective imagination of the Group, inviting exploration, innovation, and the creation of captivating stories that transcend the limitations of traditional genre boundaries.


  • Theme


    Themes within the Metanthropes RPG are as diverse as the imagination of the Group, allowing for a fluid and adaptable storytelling experience. While the possibilities are limitless, there are four recurring themes that tend to emerge during a Metanthropes story, shaping the narrative and driving character development.



    The transformation from an ordinary human into an extraordinary being is a central theme in Metanthropes. Each Metanthrope experiences their Metamorphosis differently, ranging from traumatic or life-altering events to awe-inspiring moments of self-discovery. This theme explores the impact of this pivotal transformation on their identity, beliefs, and path in life, shaping the very essence of their existence.

    As Metanthropes grapple with the aftermath of their Metamorphosis, they face a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. This theme explores their personal growth, as they learn to harness their newfound powers, confront their fears and limitations, and find their place in a world that may view them as both saviors and threats. The Metamorphosis is not just a physical transformation; it is a profound exploration of identity, inner strength, and the potential for both greatness and fallibility.


    Metanthropes and the World

    This theme delves into the complex relationships between Metanthropes and the world around them. It explores the implications of revealing their existence to humanity and the subsequent conflicts that may arise. Metanthropes have the power to influence and shape their environment, raising questions about the balance between coexistence with humans and the potential consequences of their actions. Will their interactions with humans, nature, and animals lead to harmony or chaos?

    Beyond the conflicts and implications of revealing their existence, this theme delves into the ethical dilemmas that Metanthropes face. Metanthropes must wrestle with the consequences of their actions and the potential impact on the delicate balance of the world. It is a theme that explores the price of power, the nature of morality, and the complex interplay between individual agency and the collective welfare.


    Metanthrope Community

    The interactions within Metanthrope society form another recurring theme. The composition and locations of Metanthrope Coalitions on the planet create opportunities for collaboration, cooperation, or conflict. Stories may revolve around the personal connections of a small group of Metanthropes or explore larger Metanthrope civilizations with established governments, ideologies, and histories. The theme of Metanthrope society delves into questions of unity, dissonance, power dynamics, and the implications of Metapowers on the social fabric.

    Within Metanthrope society, there are struggles for power, ideological clashes, and tensions arising from diverse perspectives. This theme delves into the intricacies of Metanthrope relationships, highlighting the alliances, rivalries, and personal dramas that unfold within their ranks. Metanthropes must navigate the complexities of trust, betrayal, and loyalty as they face internal conflicts that mirror the external challenges they encounter. It is a theme that explores the dynamics of community, the quest for identity and belonging, and the ever-shifting balance between unity and individuality.


    Other Metapowered beings


    Metanthropes are not the only Metapowered entities out there. This theme explores the interactions between Metanthropes and other Metapowered beings, such as extradimensional Spirits, extraterrestrial entities, and other otherworldly Metapowered forces. Encounters with these NPCs can shape the narrative, introducing unique challenges, alliances, and cosmic mysteries. Stories may unfold within the confines of a single city on Earth or explore the rich intergalactic histories of alien civilizations.


    The interactions between Metanthropes and other Metapowered beings give rise to far-reaching consequences. This theme explores the profound encounters with ancient entities and civilizations existing beyond the bounds of human comprehension. Metanthropes venture into uncharted territories, where the boundaries of reality blur and the fabric of existence bends. It is a theme that delves into existential questions, metaphysical explorations, and the pursuit of knowledge and understanding in the face of the unfathomable.


    Each theme intertwines with the others, providing narratives that can be tailored to the desires and preferences of the Group. Metanthropes RPG offers a dynamic platform for storytelling, allowing Players and Narrators to delve into the depths of these themes, unraveling the complexities of Metanthrope existence and forging their own destinies within the Multiverse.


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