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    Chapter 2: Rules includes all the information regarding the system of the game and how dice rolls determine outcomes in-game. It includes examples for each aspect of the rule explained, and tables of information. In addition, at this Chapter it is explained how areas and distance function in the Grid in a top-down view of the map used during Action Scenes.


    🎲 System: How the d100 system functions, dice outcomes, Bonus & Penalties, rerolls, critical rolls, Versus rolls, and other types of rolls. This segment is available to all signed-up members.


    🎬 Action Scenes: What happens when any number of Characters with conflicting interests want to act simultaneously. The in-game comes to a halt and Character actions and movement in the environment become subject to a specific set of rule presented in the following segments.


    ⚠️ Actions: Which actions I can perform during my Turn. Here is detailed what is a Turn, a Round, and which other options are available when I play. This segment is available to all signed-up members.

    👣 Movement: How much can any given Character or object move during a single Turn. How Speed, Weight, and Size, using Items, operating Vehicles, and crossing Terrain influence movement. This segment is available to all signed-up members.

    ⚔️ Combat: Here is included information regarding Life and Damage, Buffs and Conditions, Aiming, Strike and Evades, Weapons and Condition tables, as well as information regarding a Protagonist’s death. This segment is available to all signed-up members.


    🗺️ The Grid: How to use visual representation of an Action Scene, from a top-down view, for your virtual tabletop or tabletop enhanced experience. This segment is available to all signed-up members.


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