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  • Cosmology


    The cosmology of Metanthropes RPG transcends a specific approach, as it is tailored to the preferences and style of play of each unique Group. However, there are key, overarching elements that shape the world and mythology of Metanthropes, offering a centralized cosmology applicable to most stories within this expansive universe. These elements serve as a foundation for Narrators to craft their own intricate worldbuilding, allowing for a diverse range of creative exploration and personalization. 

    Narrators possess the boundless freedom to shape the level of involvement and integration of these cosmological concepts, crafting a narrative that brims with lore and depth throughout their Metanthropes Saga. Their stories may unfold within the confines of a neighborhood, a sprawling city, or encompass the vast expanse of an entire planet. Alternatively, they may traverse the cosmic expanse, spanning across myriad planets scattered lightyears apart, or even journey through the intricate Cosmos of different Dimensions.


    The nature of the Protagonists' antagonistic force can be derived from a wide array of possibilities, ranging from conflicts with their fellow humans to confrontations with other Metanthropes. Moreover, Narrators may delve into the realm of extraterrestrial beings, extradimensional entities, artificial intelligences and synthetic lifeform counterparts, or Metatherions - monstrous beasts wielding Metapowers or any other captivating options that ignite the imagination. In the following sections, we shall explore the intriguing realms and entities that await, uncovering the enigmatic wonders that lie beyond the boundaries of the Metanthropes' world.


  • Dimensions 


    Dimensions in Metanthropes RPG are vast and diverse landscapes that Characters can explore, either in their physical bodies or through the projection of their consciousness. The Metanthropes universe consists of numerous Dimensions, each offering unique rules and realities, governed by distinct laws of physics or existing at different points in time. While the Material Dimension, our familiar realm of organic and synthetic materials, lifeforms, and celestial bodies, follows the flow of time as we understand it, it is not the sole existence.


    Other Dimensions exist alongside the Material Dimension, with their own sets of rules and phenomena. These Dimensions can be accessed through dimensional gates or by harnessing the power of Metapowers, which serve as interdimensional bridges. In these otherworldly realms, native inhabitants known as Extradimensional entities reside. They are Metapowered entities with eternal souls, bound to their respective Dimensions. 


    Each Dimension is inhabited by a diverse array of entities, varying in power, personality, desires, and abilities. The most commonly found entities are called Spirits, possessing only a few Metapowered abilities and closely tied to their native Dimension. Animas are Extradimensional entities that can rival many Metanthropes with their  Metapowered arsenal. They may even possess limited means of escaping their native Dimension and manifesting in the Material or other Dimensions. Incarnations are highly powerful Extradimensional entities that surpass most Metanthropes in capabilities. They embody a specific aspect of their native Dimension and possess boundless capabilities and wisdom, capable of traversing multiple Dimensions. On their native Dimension, Incarnations are considered extremely dangerous, with mastery over the environment and other extradimensional entities found there.


    These entities do not form a centralized society but exist within their own Dimensions, operating independently. While some Extradimensional entities are well-known to the Metanthrope community, easily accessible and familiar, others remain undiscovered, waiting for intrepid Cosmonauts to venture into the unexplored depths of their Dimensions. While three Dimensions will be briefly presented here, these are merely a glimpse of the vast array of Dimensions that can possibly exist within a Saga, each offering its own wonders, mysteries, and challenges for those brave enough to explore them.




    The Aether Dimension is a temporal realm that exists in the future of the current Timeline of the Material Dimension. Within the Aether lies an ocean of unrealized possibilities and forthcoming wonders. It is a realm where unborn souls wander, where structures and marvels yet to be constructed can be found, and where ideas and concepts not yet conceived take shape. The Aether Dimension is composed of ever-multiplying layers, each representing a specific temporal point. Some layers offer glimpses into the near future, while the higher layers project millennia ahead. The layers continue to expand as time flows, except for the final layer, representing the last moments of the entire Timeline. Many Metanthropes visit the Aether to draw inspiration from the shape of things to come, to prepare for the transformative shifts that will reshape their environment and challenge common notions. Some perceive it as a heavenly realm where harm cannot befall them, while others remain cautious of the seductive dangers that arise from clinging to the future for too long. 




    The Astral Dimension is a boundless realm of the mind, existing parallel to the current Timeline of the Material Dimension. Within the Astral, the fabric of reality is shaped by imagination, dreams, and subliminal thoughts, giving form to the intangible, and turning ideas into tangible manifestations. It is a realm where limitless possibilities abound, limited only by the collective imagination of all beings. Daring cosmonauts have traversed the abyss of nothingness, their astral forms crossing into new landscapes of consciousness, venturing far beyond the planetary confines of Earth. The Astral Dimension beckons those who seek to scry the dreams of others and delve into the depths of the subconscious, while others regard it as a sacred gateway to other Dimensions and Timelines. Here, legends and deities born of human imagination come to life, alongside enigmatic beings native to the realm of dreams. 




    The Nether Dimension is a temporal realm that exists in the past of the current Timeline of the Material Dimension. Within the Nether, echoes of forgotten ages resonate, where remnants of the past linger. It is a realm where the forgotten find their resting place - from the souls of the departed to the ruins of once-majestic structures, from ravaged lands to tales and ideas lost in the annals of time. The Nether Dimension consists of a finite, yet extensive, number of layers, each representing a specific temporal point. Some layers offer glimpses into recent history, while the deeper layers take one on a journey through ancient civilizations and primordial eras. At the heart of the Nether lies the deepest layer, the origin of the Timeline itself, the cosmic event that birthed life in the universe - the big bang. Metanthropes venture into the Nether to unravel the mysteries of the past, to learn from history, and to uncover lost lore. Some perceive it as a somber and desolate realm, steeped in regret and despair, while others find solace in the revelations that come from exploring the depths of their Timeline's history. 

    These Dimensions offer but a glimpse into the enigmatic mythology of the Metanthropes Cosmos. Other intrepid Cosmonauts speak of thousands of pocket Dimensions nestled within the Astral, a Digital Dimension where information reigns supreme, an inhospitable Dimension teeming with raw elements, and a Quantum Dimension that contains the database of all Timelines. There are even Dimensions that exist outside the bounds of space and time, acting as interconnectors of all Timelines, expanding the grand cosmology of the world of Metanthropes.


  • Outer Space


    Entire Sagas may unfurl without venturing into the depths of outer space. As previously mentioned, a Saga can unfold within the confines of a single city on Earth, delving into the intricate web of human connections. However, the allure of the Cosmos beckons, and the vastness of outer space offers a boundless canvas for discovery, adventure, and conflict in a Metanthropes Saga. Other Sagas set in the far future may unfold entirely in the vastness of outer space, within the confines of a spaceship or a space station. The expanse of outer space opens up a realm of possibilities, where Metanthropes can embark on interstellar journeys, traversing the vacuum of space, and traversing distant galaxies teeming with alien worlds. They hold the potential keys to unraveling the enigmas that have long eluded humanity's grasp. Moreover, the Metanthropes themselves may become benefactors to the advancement of humanity, aiding in its ascension and guiding its trajectory to the stars.


    Exoplanets, previously observable only from a distance, are now within reach thanks to the remarkable power of Metapowers. Each new planet offers a distinct landscape, ranging from lush jungles teeming with sentient flora and fauna, inhospitable arid wastelands saturated with harmful chemicals, to planets that orbit Black Holes and are filled with various new physical phenomena. These uncharted territories hold countless wonders and possibilities, but they also harbor potential challenges and conflicts. It is worth noting that certain Metapowers may exhibit different behaviors when activated on these planets, presenting new opportunities for their utilization or altering their efficiency.

    Within those foreign worlds, Metanthropes may encounter primitive civilizations, in awe of the arrival of beings wielding godlike powers, or they may come across advanced alien races whose Metapowered and technological prowess rivals their own. They might encounter ancient civilizations with a far greater understanding of the Cosmos, collectives of incorporeal energy beings, colossal leviathans that traverse deep space, and even living celestial bodies. In this cosmic dance, alliances can be forged, diplomatic relations established, and conflicts waged across the vast cosmic stage. The interactions with these diverse entities and civilizations offer Metanthropes opportunities for growth and enlightenment. It is within these encounters that Metanthropes truly grasp the scope and magnitude of the universe, as they navigate the complexities and dynamics of intergalactic relations.

    In the boundless expanse of outer space, Metanthropes navigate uncharted frontiers, their destinies intertwined with the cosmic symphony. The stars become their guideposts, and the wonders of the universe become their playground as they venture forth to leave an indelible mark upon the crucible of existence.


  • Timelines


    A Timeline encompasses the chronological order of a single universe, from the monumental convergence that ignited time and space, to the inevitable culmination of its cosmic journey. Within this Timeline, the ebb and flow of existence witness the birth and demise of matter, the emergence and extinction of organisms, and the dance of celestial bodies through the vast expanse.

    Each Timeline houses its own array of Dimensions. From the ethereal possibilities of the Aether to the kaleidoscopic landscapes of the Astral and the haunting echoes of the Nether, these Dimensions offer gateways to realms that mirror and diverge from the Material Dimension. A Timeline exists as a solitary bubble, an independent entity nestled within the vastness of existence. Yet, at times, the boundaries of these bubbles may intersect and collide, bringing together divergent worlds with unimaginable consequences. These convergences of Timelines weave a complex web, entwining the destinies of countless beings.

    While most stories of Metanthropes unfold within a singular Timeline, epic Sagas may traverse the boundaries of multiple Timelines. Such inter-Timeline travel is a rare feat, typically reserved for beings of immense power. It is whispered that a select few can navigate the vastness of the Quantum Dimensions, crossroads that intertwine with all other Timelines. Others believe that consciousness itself can transcend through the dreamy planes of the Astral, enabling a merging with alternate versions of oneself.


    There are also those who assert that they have discovered hidden gateways to other Timelines, possessing mystical artifacts capable of opening portals between them. Some even profess to have visited a city that exists beyond the confines of space and time, a place that transcends any single Timeline and serves as an interconnected hub for all. These extraordinary accounts fuel the intrigue and curiosity of Metanthropes, beckoning them to explore the realms of possibility and uncover the secrets that lie beyond the boundaries of their own Timeline.


    Alternate History

    Each Session or Saga of Metanthropes RPG unfolds within its own unique Timeline, an alternate history that diverges from the familiar world we know. The emergence of even a single Metanthrope has the power to reshape the course of history, granting the Narrator the freedom to craft a narrative where pivotal events and outcomes are altered to suit the story at hand. This concept applies to any chosen era of play, offering infinite possibilities for exploration and adventure.

    Imagine a Middle Ages transformed by the sudden appearance of Metanthropes wielding extraordinary abilities. Their presence could catalyze technological and scientific advancements far beyond the understanding of the time, propelling civilization into a future of rapid progress. Alternatively, the arrival of Metanthropes in recent decades could give birth to new corporations, reshape economies, influence culture, rewrite laws, or even redraw the map of nations.  The influence of Metanthropes on the course of history can be profound, diverting the trajectory of conflicts, preventing wars, or instigating new conflicts that redefine the fate of the world.

    The Narrator holds the reins of this alternate history, specifying the extent to which Metanthropes have influenced and altered the events that have shaped the world thus far. Once the stage is set, the Protagonists step forward, poised to become the agents of change, the architects of destiny. It is their extraordinary gifts, their Metapowers, that hold the potential to rewrite history, forging a new path and reshaping the world in ways unimaginable. The choices they make, the actions they take, will ripple through the fabric of time, leaving an indelible mark upon the history of this unique Timeline.


  • Multiverse 

    The Multiverse is a vast and intricate web of interconnected realities, encompassing all the Timelines that exist within it. It is a grand tapestry woven with infinite threads, each representing a unique and distinct universe with its own set of events, beings, and possibilities. Within this boundless expanse, countless Timelines unfurl, diverging from one another at key moments and branching off into distinct paths.

    In the Multiverse, every decision made, every action taken, spawns new Timelines that ripple outward, creating a web of infinite possibilities. Each Timeline represents a different outcome, a different version of reality shaped by the choices made within it. From the smallest, seemingly insignificant choices to the grandest, world-altering events, the Multiverse captures the myriad ways in which the course of history can unfold.

    Within this vast thread of Timelines, echoes of one another can be felt. Similar events may transpire across different Timelines, albeit with subtle variations, while other Timelines may be radically different from one another, shaped by unique circumstances and divergent paths. Even if the course of history remains unchanged between two parallel Earths, it does not guarantee that it remains the same for the rest of the universe across different Timelines. It is a realm of boundless potential, where the boundaries of time and space are stretched to their limits.

    Within the Multiverse, the fates of countless beings are intertwined, their stories echoing and reverberating across each thread. Each Timeline holds its own significance, its own challenges and triumphs, and its own unique blend of entities and Metapowers. Metanthropes navigate the tapestry of the Multiverse, venturing into uncharted territories and exploring the vast array of realities that exist within its folds.


    Prime Timeline


    Amidst their extraordinary journey, a select few Metanthropes are bestowed with a profound encounter with enigmatic beings known as Conductors. These incomprehensibly powerful Metanthropes serve as guides, revealing the existence of the Prime Timeline — the elusive central reality from which the Conductors themselves originate. It is within this Prime Timeline that Multiversal Threats loom, posing a dire menace to the very fabric of existence.


    The Multiversal Threats are entities of cosmic influence, wielding unimaginable power to manipulate the very essence of reality. Their motivations and origins remain veiled in mystery, their intentions inscrutable to mortal minds. Like a spreading virus, their insidious influence corrupts the very foundation of existence, endangering entire Timelines. Their infiltration into different Timelines bears devastating consequences as they infect the core of each reality they encounter.


    From these enigmatic Conductors, the newly introduced Metanthropes learn that the Timeline they emerged from is what the Conductors deem a Phantom Timeline — a simulated construct created for specific investigative or experimental purposes. As the Metanthropes are initiated into the enigma of the Multiverse, they also become acquainted with an inter-Timeline location often manifested as an opera house. In truth, this ethereal city exists outside the constraints of space and time — a bastion from which the Conductors scry upon Timelines and weave intricate simulated realities.

    The Conductors extend a compelling invitation to join a Multiversal Faction — an assembly of Metanthropes united by a shared purpose that transcends the boundaries of any single realm. Once recruited, these Metanthropes find themselves drafted into a new Coalition, embarking on a daring venture into uncharted territory — a previously unexplored Timeline. Together, they unravel the mysteries of this unfamiliar world, navigate its unique challenges, and evolve their individual capabilities to ultimately forge a unified team.


    In the grand tapestry of the Cosmos, where Timelines interweave and Multiversal Threats loom, the journey of these Metanthropes across the vast Multiverse becomes a true test of their resolve, a challenge that pushes the limits of their abilities, and a chance to shape the destiny of all existence. As the Multiverse stands on the precipice, these chosen Metanthropes rise to fulfill their destined role within the infinite realms that comprise the extraordinary world of Metanthropes RPG.

    For the Chapter 2: Rules, visit here.


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