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Crimson Updates - final push towards going public

John Vladman


Greetings once again dear Metanthropes,


We are well underway in 2021 and we are closing into an important milestone. On April’s first (no preemptive April fool’s joke!), Metanthropes RPG will be in full development for two years. I am also aiming for this date to be the date which the site goes live. Metanthropes.com will open its gate to the world, and these empty blog posts and forums will be visited by potentially many new Metanthropes.

Crimson version of the game (the 6th btw) has been updating the site, starting from the most fundamental – the Rules. You can see the changes in the links bellow, or in the menu bar above you under the of RULES.  The game’s rules have been segmented into four pages for better and quicker referencing. Crimson rules include many examples, new tables, links to navigate across the site, and follow the proper flow found after many iterations.  The pictures and some tables will change, but the flow will most likely remain, while the game’s rule themselves have not utterly changed, rather focused on removing rules and mechanics that caused issues and center around each segment of the rules synergizing with the others. Hopefully, you will agree - any initial feedback would be most welcomed (still waiting for the feedback of "Enter Meta". Come on guys! 👾)


Visit here to see the System:


Visit here to see Actions:


Visit here to see Movement:


Visit here to see Combat:



On other news, in case you have not noticed yet – we have a beautiful WELCOME page (courtesy of @Nil) to introduce guests and convey them into becoming members into our future community. The artworks and well as the final version of our Logo have been uploaded into the gallery.

Dear closed alpha member reading this, thank you for your support and trust thus far, that I will deliver the game that we deserve 😊. The website will be constantly updating during the next couple of months, with our next stop being Chapter 2: My Character, which will include an updated PC creation and development system, updates on Stats, Perks, a massive update on Items aaaaaaaaand the Crimson Character Sheet!


Stay Legit everyone,

And stay Meta.


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