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2020 Finale update

John Vladman


Happy 2021 Metanthropes. This blog entry is about to the current state of the Metanthropes RPG game and a listing of game updates, as well as upcoming changes.  



-          Navigation Menu updated [Welcome, Activity, Enter Meta, Rules, My Character, Metapowered, Narrator, More]

-          Enter Meta (Chapter 1) added: This chapter’s purpose is to introduce new players to RPGs and to the Metanthropes setting & cosmology, set the tone and engage readers for more.


-          Metanthropes beta system (and 20% of the total content) Demo is currently being playtested at Astral Tabletop VTT. The goal is for some day to be included as a featured game into that platform, so that it can be accessible to anyone (and to other platforms into the future)

-          The “20%” Beta we playtested so far is going very well. Almost all mechanics of the system are already properly working, and we have figured ways to fix the rest of the issues.

-          Four different Character Sheets have been tested, getting closer into finding the desired practicality and functions, visuals and aesthetics will come later.


-          15 All-digital Playtests including a couple of Arenas and One-shots but most prominently the (almost) conclusion of the Wyrdverse Saga, a 10 Session Saga with high XP rewards – reaching endgame experience, Antagonists and venturing through multiple Dimensions.

-          Tested over 10 different maps and all features of Astral tabletop. Getting much closer into isolating technical issues and finding which features to use and which not.

-          Great progress into the audio, music and even video set up of our digital Sessions.

Game Design

-          “Orange Version” Rules, My Character, 100 Metapowers and 100 Combos have been updated to Orange version.

-          Re-balancing of the Metapowers. Each Metapower should offer something unique, that can synergize with other similar Metapowers, and should have access into similar Metapowers with relative ease. (XP Tiers).

-          Balancing of Buffs of Stats & Characteristics.

-          More ways to spend your levels of success () added to all Metapowers & Combos, as well as .

-          Further balancing MPs based on how many Combos they have access to. Pursuing Combos can lead into PC builds.

-          Appropriate documentation of the Metabase is currently at 550 (Word) pages for Metapowers (most descriptions are still pending) and 120 pages for Combos. Documents and the Excel version of the Orange version will be accessible to the design team.



Upcoming Orange updates:

-          Major update at 📦 Items: Total entries of future update is 100 Items (25 Armors, 25 Drugs, 25 Gadgets, 25 Materials), 100 Vehicles (25 land, 25 sea, 25 air, 25 space), 100 Weapons (25 Melee, 25 Projectiles, 25 Firearms, 25 Explosives).

-          Major update at 👹 100 Antagonists: 20 Humans (premade characters such as “the thug, the doctor, the assassin etc.), 20 Animals, 20 Artificial, 20 Extradimensional, 10 Extraterrestrial, 5 Animated, 5 Metatherions.  

-          Orange Version Dimensional Mechanics.

-          Welcome Page update


Upcoming Crimson version updates:

-          Descriptions, + Metatags for all 100 Metapowers & Combos.

-          Update on Rules, My Character and further MPs & Combo patching.

-          Final Chapter: Narration.

-          Variant Rules.


My initial plan, set one year ago was for today to already have published through a Kickstarter the Metanthropes RPG Book. Now we are heading towards the Metanthropes RPG VTT version and a new plan is being formed, and will be shared as the next instalment of this blog series.


I am grateful for all the Closed Alpha members who help me develop this game thus far, a big thank you to them, and a big o’ HAPPY & HEALTHY 2021 to all !


Stay Legit,

Stay Meta.




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