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Summer 2020 in retrospect

John Vladman


Let us go through summer 2020 updates and then let us briefly discuss the future. In chronological order the following tasks were completed:

Game Design

-          Levels of Failure were added in most of the Metapower’s roll outcomes. Those who do not have levels of failure is those Metapower that has uses that do not variate from level to level. For example, when you have Regenerate at level 4 - you only use it at level 4 because the numbers are better and the effect the same. For that reason, Regenerate does not have any Levels of Failure as their outcome.

-          Dimensional Mechanics for the three main Dimension were added. That was the last of the Yellow version update, Dimension Mechanics for the Orange version will be updated after actually playing some Sessions on those Dimensions.

-          Major Rules rewrites and some updates. Rules are now categorized into “System, Action Scenes and Combat”. Some rules updates include

o   Renaming Free Action => Extra Action

o   Reactive Action => Reaction plus some alterations on what they can do

o   Updates on Movement/Speed/Size/Weight

o   Movement options

o   Using Items/ Terrain

o   Strike, Grappling

o   Strike & Weapon Conditions

o   Evading Strikes

o   Player Character Death (still working on that ^^)

-          My Character chapter rewrites

-          Experience chapter rewrites and Utilitarian Classification updates

-          Perks rewrites and updates (Expertise is back on the menu, Gymnastics lots of updates and updates on fields of study and more)

-          The Grid rewrites and updates (16 Areas instead of 10)

-          Extras Updates: Damage, Conditions (require some more work), Buffs, Targets

-          Characteristics and Stats rewrites and updates for all (Orange Crafting System still pending) with new tables and available rolls etc.

-          Energy Types (descriptions) are bugged entries and cannot be updated for now ^^

Game Updates

-          Energy Type updates: Mirror Metapower (psychic) -> (cosmic), Spirit Manipulation (cosmic) -> (psychic)

-          Stat Roll updates: Pheromone Manipulation (awareness) -> (manipulation), Luck Bending (awareness) -> (consciousness), Earth Control (creativity) -> (willpower), Kinetic Energy Control (Endurance) -> (willpower), Reanimation (manipulation)-> (creativity), Duplicate Self (Consciousness) -> (Endurance), Augment & Weaken Metapower (Willpower) -> (Awareness)

-          50 new Combo entries! Those entries are not complete, but give an idea of the content of the finalized game.


-          First 4 Astral one-shots, short stories were played. Positive feedback and results.

-          First Meta Olympiad “arena”


-          10% Orange Metapowers complete, new templates that include updated version + descriptions (+ Meta Search description and keywords)

-          Acronyms are everyone, providing a brief description if you hover over the word for a couple of seconds, they do not work if you are browsing from phone. For example, Life, Characteristics, Destiny.

-          10 Regenerated Characters on Astral

-          New interactive character sheet on Astral

-          Session Preferences added on Metanthrope.com profiles

-          New Logo is on its way + progress in original artworks conceptualization.

-          Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Crowdfunding strategies are forged through envisioning and planning.

-          Plans for Autumn sessions and playtests

What was not accomplished? My initial plan for summer 2020 was for all 100% of Metapowers to be updated on Orange version and chapters 1 (Enter Meta) and 5(Narrator) to be fully written. Perhaps the goal was unrealistic or perhaps the attention of the project was required in other aspects, whatever the case – I know I did my best this summer and I intent on doing so this autumn as well.

Here’s to another awesome Autumn full of sessions, good times and progress!

Stay Legit.

Stay Meta.

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