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Who is who amongst the Meta?

John Vladman


The secret hierarchy of Metanthropes and all beings Meta. Who is who amongst their ranks, what roles they play and what is the limit of their capabilities?


This blog post serves as a guideline into understanding the hierarchy of beings who possess Metapowers across not only one Timeline but across the entire Metaverse. It is a though process that relies on your imagination. With that being said, I want you to imagine a crowded street located next to a highway that many people pass every day. One of the street main buildings that almost everybody sees when crossing the area is a big, imposing opera house. Not everyone is fond of opera so there is a good chance that the majority of the passers by to never have been inside at all, and many people not living close to the street never even seen the opera house from the outside. Even some passengers in a hurry or lost in their troubles and thoughts might pass it by and not even noticing it, even though it is a rather imposing building. These group, which majority is humans or Metanthropes who did not experience their Origin yet or are simply completely oblivious to what exists beyond them is called the Bystanders. Known also as passersby, these people might be aware of the opera, might even get a glimpse of those who are participating – but will never be invited to join in.

 This opera house represents the Meta. Those who have a ticket to reserve their seats and are welcomed to enter and watch the show are the Metanthropes. We shall call this group the Audience. All those passing by, not knowing about the building’s location at all or even those who had a ticket but lost it, are the humans – the mortals who are unaware of the existence of the Meta. The Audience consist not entirely of Metanthropes, but of Spirits and sometimes other far stranger visitors. Just by being inside  the opera house as the Audience, you are introduced into the world of Meta, a far larger Cosmos than the one you are used to, with new rules, lore and cosmology for you to catch up with and become accustomed with.


What of the performing artists who take active part into the majesty of the opera? That group is called the Instruments. A befitting name, since in all of the cases, each member of this group has a significant role to play. Those performing arts, such as actors, musicians, ballet or those responsible for the scenery, costumes and so on represent the Metapowered beings that not only are aware of the chessboard they are part of, but rather they have chosen a side and play a pivotal role in the way the wheels of the Cosmos turn. The Instruments are the ones who ignite the flames that fuel the story of each Saga.

 More precisely, or more prominent roles such as the performers who have the roles of “recitative” or the “aria” are those which the spotlight resides on. Known by most Instruments and noticed by all Audience members, in most Sagas (after a few Acts at least) that spotlight will befall upon the Coalition of Metanthropes that consists of the players of the story, or at least to the NPCs that the Coalition interacts with most frequently.

The most reverend role amongst the Instruments is reserved for the Concertmaster or leader of the first violin section in an orchestra. This title in the Metanthropes “who is who” represents an Omnipowered Metanthrope who’s actions, will and machinations set the tone for the entire opera. What is called as the “first chair”, a prominent position close for all audience to see, is second only to one inside the opera house - the most skilled musician in the section with the responsibility to make technical decisions regarding all key players in the opera. That single being is in most cases the most powerful entity the Coalition will ever encounter.  As in operas is another violin section, the second violins, led by the principal second violin, so too in the who is who amongst the Metanthropes are in most cases almost evenly matched Metabeings to the Concertmaster, hovering above, waiting for scrap a mistake from the Concertmaster’s part to happen in order to take the position and sit upon the first chair themselves.


The director of the entire performance, the being who is responsible for the entire Timeline of events, happenings, Dimensions and Metanthropes alike is the Conductor. That single (or in some cases two) being is in charge of the entire orchestra. The flow, the concerto, the choir, the tempo and everything that transpires during an entire Timeline is lead by the Conductor (or Conductors). A being with immense power, nigh limitless resources and access to knowledge that transcends Dimensions, space and time, the Conductor is responsible for an entire Timeline and its ongoing continuation.

Most Metapowered being’s fringes of imagination will deplete contemplating the above, the significance of a Timeline and the outwardly influences that govern them. But beyond the Conductor, there is one (or more, no one really knows a definite number) being that transcends the responsibilities and capabilities any other being in the Metaverse, which consists of multiple Timelines. These are the Orchestrators, those who are in charge of not just one performance, but of each and everyone the opera house will host in a greater timespan. They are the ones that write the music that countless Instruments play and the multiple Conductors direct. These beings are rumored to have reached the pinnacle of Metapowers such as Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience. They exists in and of itself, from itself and overwatch over all possible Timelines and their will and word is Immanence.

Thus, the next time you listen to the chorus of an orchestra, oh Metanthrope, wonder … Are you even part of the audience? What do you know of the Concertmaster, the Conductor and all the Cosmic beings that have participated for the creation of the Libretto? Were you invited in the opera house or just a Bystander who found a moment in space and time to enter … and perhaps even take part in grand scheme of things.  



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