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Origin & Metapowers

John Vladman


Greetings Metanthropes,

at some point it was mentioned to link Origin & the Metapowers which you have access to. [ Not to replace the Prime Metapower theme] 

Here is one way you could place each of the 100 Metapowers on each of the 10 Origins. 

What such a limitation could offer in the game ?

1) New players choose Origin first, and instead of 100 they look in 10.

2) Thematic Connection between first Metapower&Origin

3) Maybe this 10 list is the only Metapowers you can get. Or maybe it works like the Prime Metapower (matching/non matching).

4) Maybe it could replace the PM system (9gram) 

5) Although some thematic connections are nice, there are also nice thematic connections outside of this table

6) Maybe it just restricts the players and adds no real flavor


Your thoughts are welcomed bellow. 



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  • Conductor

woops lathos copy paste - to kanw edit sto arxiko post

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  • Conductor

de mborw na pw pws me enthousiazei poly h idea, mias kai mborei na thes na kaneis mix and match origin me alla powers, alla ontws etsi grouped exoun ena thematic, tha mborouse na ne more of a suggestion than an absolute requirement!

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  • Conductor

indeed. isws na bei san variant epilogh se Narrators gia ta Saga toys. 

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