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About this blog

A series of blogs documenting our progress through the Early Access phase of development.

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Early Access - Initial Release

Greetings Metanthropes,   We have some very exciting news to share! We are very close to releasing the very first Early Access build for our Premium Modules for Foundry VTT!     This means that all our KickStarter Backers will very soon start receiving their activation keys - please make sure you have submitted your Survey on Kickstarter if you haven't already, this way we know where to send the key to.   In addition to our KickStarter Backers, all our ne

The Orchestrator

The Orchestrator in Development News

First Major Update

Greetings Metanthropes,   Continuing our Early Access – Initial Release development blog, we have exciting updates to share about our game!   We’ve released a new build for Metanthropes - Early Access. This includes new releases for the Metanthropes System, and Introductory & Core Premium Modules. You can read the full Change Log if you want all the details.   The major feature of this new build is the inclusion of our amazing new Tokens, created by 2DStorytelle

The Composer

The Composer in Development News

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