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Early Access - Initial Release

The Orchestrator


Greetings Metanthropes,


We have some very exciting news to share! We are very close to releasing the very first Early Access build for our Premium Modules for Foundry VTT!




This means that all our KickStarter Backers will very soon start receiving their activation keys - please make sure you have submitted your Survey on Kickstarter if you haven't already, this way we know where to send the key to.


In addition to our KickStarter Backers, all our new Store customers will also be able to receive their activation keys within a few days!


Our game is in Early Access, meaning that many features are still not fully developed, art is not finalized and/or missing, Journal text is not finalized & some existing features still lack polish.


This blog series will be updated as we progress through our Early Access milestones, to give you a summary of what's currently available during Early Access for each of our Modules. If you would like to know more details, you can read the consolidated patch notes for our System & Modules on GitHub.


Early Access - Current Status


Metanthropes: Introductory still lacks polish and original artworks, as well as some of the Narrator Journals. We are working on finalizing the content, journals and artwork and we estimate to have it all wrapped up by the end of July 2024. Kindly note that the work on improving the map automations, macros, journals and map enhancements like dynamic lightning is ongoing. After Early Access, we will keep improving the Module with the new FVTT version 12 features!


Metanthropes: Core is in foundation-laying stage. This means we are still working on features that are 'under the hood' and you won't notice major visual changes and/or much additional content. As we implement new features and finalize our core components, the content that comes with the Core Module will increase. Metanthropes: Core - Early Access currently provides the following:

  • Actor Creation: You may choose any of the various types and use the 'Roll New Character' process. This will guide you to create a new Character according to the rules, help you make the rolls and re-rolls by spending your initial Destiny etc. This works great for Protagonists today and we also plan to update this for Narrators, to help them create NPC Characters much faster.
  • You can now create and manage your own Scenes, Journals, Roll-able tables and Compendiums.
  • Possessions: A very limited set of Possessions is included.
  • Metapowers: A limited set of the 100 Metapowers are included, we aim to populate the full list of 100 Metapowers in early June 2024, so stay tuned!
  • Character Progression is not currently available and is coming later in Summer of 2024.
  • Narrator Journals and Macros are not yet available.


Metanthropes: Homebrew is being used as our test-bed for new & upcoming features. As we introduce new features, we will be making them first available for Beta Testing, that is an exclusive perk of the Homebrew Module. The current Early Access version provides the following:

  • Item Creation & Customization: You can create your own Metapowers and Possessions and customize all the existing content that is available from the other Modules.
  • Beta Testing of New Features: Enabling this setting will give you access to new features for testing purposes like the new Actor Status Effects system, Character Progression and the new Targeting system. These are work-in-progress, as always your initial feedback is very crucial to help us shape these features as they are developed.


As we ramp-up development of our Premium Modules this summer, we are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions! Please let us know what you think of the Early Access builds if you get a chance to try them out & thank you for taking the time to help us make our game better for everyone!


& as always,

Stay Legit,

Stay Meta.


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