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  • Manipulator

    Metapowers of the Classification: Manipulator grant Metanthropes the ability to manipulate the emotions and thoughts of others. With their unique abilities, they can directly influence behavior and control the actions of others. Manipulators play a vital role in a Coalition by engaging in communication, negotiation, diplomacy, propaganda, and espionage. The Manipulator Classification matches with the Animator and Arbiter Classifications.


    1. Mind Control

      Mind Control is the Metapower which allows a Manipulator to infiltrate the minds of others, subjugate their spirit, and gain control of their movement and actions. As the Metapower progresses, so do the capabilities of the Mind Controller, eventually becoming able to control humans and Metanthropes alike, multiple targets, for extended periods, and with fewer restrictions. Victims of Mind Control are gradually becoming helpless but to observe and do whatever they are commanded to do. The role of such Metanthropes in Coalitions is to bend the will of their adversaries and force them to do whatever the whim of the Manipulator desires.
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