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  • Kineticist

    Metapowers of the Classification: Kineticist offer influence over the elements of nature and cosmic forces alike. They possess immense power to create havoc or prevent disasters caused by the source of their Metapowers. Metanthropes with Kineticist abilities play a crucial role in a Coalition by unleashing devastating attacks and overwhelming multiple enemies at once. The Kineticist Classification matches with the Cosmonaut and Hammer Classifications.


    1. Electrokinesis

      Metanthropes armed with this formidable Metapower possess the astonishing ability to summon and manipulate electricity itself. In its nascent stages, a Kineticist wields the power to conjure jolts of lightning that can playfully disrupt electronic devices or strike with enough force to incapacitate foes. As this Metapower evolves, the Kineticist ascends to launching bolts of raw lightning, capable of rending the air with their brilliance, and create electric fields, emanating from the Kineticist's presence. At higher levels of Electrokinesis a Kineticist can hurl chain lightnings and turn into a form partly composed of electricity. The role of such Kineticists in a Coalition is to utilize this powerful elemental Metapower to dispatch multiple assailants, neutralize devices, and protect the other members of the Coalition from incoming elemental attacks.
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