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  • Hammer

    Metapowers of the Classification: Hammer grant Metanthropes unparalleled physical prowess and the ability to alter their physical form, attributes, and size. A Hammer can be used to destroy, but also to build. They excel in one-on-one combat situations. Metanthropes with Hammers play a crucial role in a Coalition by specializing in assault and neutralizing threats. The Hammer Classification matches with the Aegis and Kineticist Classifications.


    1. Meta Strength

      Metanthropes empowered with Meta Strength can perform extraordinary feats of strength and wield immense physical prowess. As the levels of this Metapower progress, so does a high increase in the raw power of the Metanthrope. At early levels, the Hammer’s gift with this Metapower allows to use superior strength to lift heavy objects, throw them far away, jump higher, and climb faster. Such Metanthrope’s mere presence exudes power, their muscles tensed like coiled springs ready to unleash tremendous force. At higher levels of Meta Strength, they can destroy hardened materials with their bare hands, create an unstoppable momentum with their movement, and even generate shockwaves through the sheer might of their actions. They stand as a bulwark of strength, a cornerstone of their Coalition, capable of both building and destroying with equal ease.
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