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  • Cosmonaut

    Metapowers of the Classification: Cosmonaut enable Metanthropes to travel extraordinary distances, whether within their own world or across other Dimensions. Cosmonauts possess the ability to instantaneously transport themselves or open gateways to other realms. Such Metanthropes excel in exploration, scouting, guiding, and interconnecting different locations. The Cosmonaut Classification matches with the Clairvoyant and Kineticist Classifications.


    1. Dark Energy Projection

      Dark Energy, an enigmatic force that pervades the cosmos and constitutes the majority of the total energy in the observable universe. This mysterious energy is responsible for the universe's accelerating expansion, a phenomenon that continues to baffle scientists and cosmologists alike. Metanthropes bestowed with the extraordinary Metapower of Dark Energy Projection gain access to cosmic powers that allow them to harness the potential of Dark Energy over distance and acceleration. At the early stages of mastering this Metapower, a Cosmonaut can influence the acceleration and momentum of objects or individuals, offer cosmic protection, and significantly boost the movement of themselves and others. As they progress to higher levels of Dark Energy Projection, a Cosmonaut gains the ability to tremendously influence movement and even alter the fabric of spacetime itself. However, manipulating Dark Energy is a delicate endeavor, with little room for errors when tampering with such a potent and mysterious force. In a Coalition, these skilled Cosmonauts play a vital supportive role, providing advantages in movement and empowering their allies through the manipulation of Dark Energy.
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