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  • Controller

    Metapowers of the Classification: Controller grant the ability to control the environment and those within it. Metanthropes with such Metapowers can alter their surroundings, harness energies, and create barriers to shape the battlefield. Their role in a Coalition is focused on crowd-control and utilizing the environment to their advantage. The Controller Classification matches with the Aegis and Animator Classifications.


    1. Control Gravity

      Control Gravity bestows upon a Metanthrope the awe-inspiring ability to manipulate the very fabric of gravity itself. With a mere thought, these Controllers can influence gravitational forces, wielding power over individuals and entire areas. Mastery of this fundamental force grants them access to an arsenal capable of controlling crowds and reshaping the environment at will. As the Metapower progresses, the Controller becomes a true force of nature, forging an unshakable connection with cosmic energies that bolster their resilience. At higher levels, Control Gravity grants the Controller the ability to create localized regions where gravity is altered to extreme degrees, simulating conditions ranging from weightlessness to powerful gravitational wells. Metanthropes gifted with Control Gravity are revered as field specialists within a Coalition, capable of transforming any terrain into either an ally's advantage or an enemy's downfall.
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