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  • Clairvoyant

    Metapowers of the Classification: Clairvoyant provide the ability to gather intel and possess extrasensory perceptions, or heightened senses. Metanthropes with such Metapowers can see beyond the limits of ordinary eyesight and can find answers to any questions they seek. Their role in a Coalition is focused on surveillance, tracking, reconnaissance, and data analysis. The Clairvoyant Classification matches with the Arbiter and Cosmonaut Classifications.


    1. 6th Sense

      Metanthropes blessed with the extraordinary 6th Sense possess the uncanny ability to perceive what others cannot. Clairvoyants rely on their intuition and instinct to sense upcoming danger, detect unseen energies, and sense invisible presences. At early levels this Metapower offers them a supernatural danger sense, providing them with tools against psychic threats and allowing them to react with inhuman speed, and opens their eyes to the unseen world. Aat higher levels 6th Sense allows extrasensory awareness and reactions, as well as offering a profound knowledge of everything that transpires around them. In a Coalition, such Clairvoyants play a vital role as the eyes of the team, warning members of upcoming threats, unraveling mysteries, and uncovering the otherwise unseen entities that lurk in the corners of the unknown.
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