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  • Animator

    Metapowers of the Classification: Animator grant the ability to bring life to the inanimate. Metanthropes with such Metapowers can amass animated armies or imbue objects with extraordinary abilities. Their role in a Coalition is a operating from a distance, overseeing their creations and establishing secure locations for crafting and refining their abilities. The Animator Classification matches with the Controller and Manipulator Classifications.


    1. Duplicate Self

      Metanthropes wielding the extraordinary Metapower of Duplicate Self possess the awe-inspiring ability to create and control identical copies of their physical body. These duplicates serve as mere extensions of the Metanthrope's consciousness, capable of moving independently and performing various tasks as directed by the original self. The Metanthrope possesses complete control over the duplicates, perceiving the world through their senses and even communicating through them. As the Metapower progresses, the number of duplicated selves increases, granting the Animator unparalleled multitasking capabilities and the potential to operate multiple machinery or swarm any adversaries. The role of such an Animator to a Coalition is to turn into a formidable "one Metanthrope army», allowing to coordinate and strategize with unparalleled efficiency.
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