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  • Aegis

    Metapowers of the Classification: Aegis offer defensive capabilities against any type of harm and injury. Metanthropes with such abilities are the most resilient, irrepressible, and most durable among all others. Their role in a Coalition is a primarily a defensive one: to be in the frontline, absorb all threats, and offer protection to those in need. The Aegis Classification matches with the Controller and Hammer Classifications.


    1. Life Restoration

      Life Restoration is the ultimate healing Metapower. A gift that bestows the ability to heal all wounds and restore life to any living being. Metanthropes blessed with this Metapower possess the ability to rapidly close wounds and replenish lost life force. Life Restoration at its early levels can cure diseases and treat most medical conditions, and at its higher levels it can perform miraculous healing, repair organs, regrow body parts, heal multiple people at once, and even become capable of resurrecting the dead. There may be other Metapowers that offer healing, but none compare to the potency and effectiveness of Life Restoration. Aegis with this Metapower are invaluable assets to any Coalition, as their presence instills a sense of security and reduces the fear of harm and death among their comrades.
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