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Burgundy Version Updates Part 1

The Composer

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Greetings Metanthropes,


The new version of the game, codenamed: Burgundy Version updates have begun. Here shall be presented the updates made, to keep you posted about any changes to the game. Burgundy version is the seventh installment of the game, each represented by a color, and it is the version which will accompany the game for the rest of the Beta development, and up until our first Kickstarter project. For more information regarding previous versions, you can visit our Roadmap.




Burgundy version updates are half-way complete, and the first three Chapters have already been updated. Starting with Chapter 1: Enter Meta, major rewrites have been made. Starting with the Introduction, it gives emphasis to properly introducing new Players to TTRPGs, and to the world of Metanthropes. Especially to the Setting of Metanthropes, which we felt as not properly described, now elaborates on the genre and theme of the game. Similarly, the Cosmology of Metanthropes has been thoroughly updated including brief descriptions of some of the Dimensions of Metanthropes, to what can be found in the vastness of outer space, and to concept of Timelines and the Multiverse.


Continuing with Chapter 2: Rules, emphasis has been given to polishing and refining the rules of the game. Although the System of the game remains unchanged, minor rewrites and better examples have been used to improve the understanding of the game. In addition, video tutorials about the System of the game and I can do During My Turn have been included to make learning the game more accessible. The section of Movement has mainly remained intact, only refining text and minor updates such as getting up from being Knocked Down now costs 5 Movement instead of 3. Similarly, Combat has undergone some writing refinements, and minor changes such as the rules concerning the Reaction: Evade, and receiving damage from a Collision, which are now much more simplified. Lastly, the Protagonist’s death mechanic has changed, allowing a Player to spend an amount of Destiny equal to number of Sessions that Protagonist has played, allowing them to survive awhile longer.


Regarding Chapter 3: Protagonists, text refinements have been made to the section of New Protagonist, refining the six steps of a new Character creation process. The 10 Metamorphosis options have remained the same, focusing on making each feel unique and differentiating from the others. The 10 Arc and Regression options have been updated, improving text, and removing overlapping concepts, and adding three new Arc and three new Regression options for Players to choose from. The Stats of the game have undergone minor updates, focusing on presenting examples of rolls for each, and refining what happens to each of them when the Stat reaches 0%.  Lastly, the Perk and Experience sections have undergone only minor text refinements.


These are the first half of the updates of Burgundy Version. Next stop is Chapter 4: Metabase, and Chapter 5: Narration, which will include all the major content of the game, from Metapowers, Possessions, Combos, to Antagonists, and Dimensions. Stay tuned for more, and …


Stay Legit,

Stay Meta.


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