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☁️ Astral Dimensional Exploration June 28 #1


The Composer
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Astral: Dimensional Exploration

“In a realm where corporate giants and mysticism intertwine, an eclectic group of Metanthropes finds themselves unexpectedly drawn together. Their individual paths converge when they receive a mysterious invitation from an eccentric CEO—an offer too intriguing to resist.”


Event Summary

This is a One-Shot event, reserved for members of the community who have played their Introductory Session. This One-Shot Session will be a journey at the Astral Dimension.  During this event Players will be select among four different pre-made Protagonists, add their finishing touches to them, and venture into the realm of dreams. The Session will be played at Foundry virtual tabletop platform. Narrated by the creator of Metanthropes, yours truly: @The Composer, we will use our Discord server  for audio and video, and Foundry VTT for map and dice rolling.





Event Details


Duration: 3 Hours

Available Slots: 4 Players - Make sure you click the Going button on the upper right of this Event page, to receive the Badge of participation.

Description: One-Shot Session which focuses on roleplay and Dimensional exploration.

Schedule: (breaks will take place in-between parts and at the request of the participants)        

  • Part 1 (30 mins): Selection of Pre-made Protagonists, and description of the world they are in
  • Part 2 (1 hour): First Scene
  • Part 3 (1 hour): Second Scene
  • Part 4 (30 mins): Ending & Feedback


For this Session: Choose any one of the Premade Protagonists:



Dream Walker 

Spirit Whisperer 




Feel free to ask any questions, inquire about scheduling, or raise any concerns in the comments below. If you feel there are any sensitive topics, no-go zones, or anything else that you need to let us know about, send @The Composera private message before the session.

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