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First Session of 2023 🌇 "The Tower" 🌇


The Composer
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Event details

 " In an alternate Timeline, set in a distant future, an enigmatic monarch has achieved absolute sovereign over the world’s governments and resources. The Protagonists, members of the Coalition of Resistance, have formulated a plan to infiltrate the headquarters of the monarchy and put an end to its reign. A perilous mission awaits them, and should they make it to the end: a profound revelation. "


Event Summary

This is a One-Shot Session focused with purpose of testing the new streaming and VTT setup for the new season of Open Beta Sessions. Narrated by the creator of Metanthropes, yours truly: @The Composer, and reserved for Closed Beta members only. For this event we will use our Discord server for audio and video (optional), and the Owlbear Rodeo virtual tabletop for map and dice rolling. 


This event includes:


 🌇 Creations of new Protagonists with an alternative creation process

🌇 Test of stream & VTT setup

 🌇 Intro, Two Scenes including multiple Action Scenes within, and an epilogue




Event Details


Duration: 3.5 Hours

Available Slots: 4 Players - Make sure you click the Going button on the upper right of this Event page, to receive the Badge of participation.

Description: One-Shot Session

Schedule: (breaks will take place in-between parts and at the request of the participants)        

  • Part 1 (1 hour): Creation of new Protagonists
  • Part 2 (1 min):  First Scene of the Session. The Narrator will describe the setting and the Session will begin with a BANG!
  • Part 3 (1 hour ):  Second Scene of the Session. Expect non-stop Action
  • Part 4 (30 min):  Epilogue and feedback


New Protagonists The Session will feature an alternative Protagonist creation process. 


 🤞 Step 1 [Destiny]: Make a 4d10 roll and gain that many Destiny rerolls. Players can use their Destiny to reroll starting Stats, or store them for the Session

🔍 Step 2 [Summary]: Select your Protagonist's Name, Gender, Age, Date of Birth, Place of Birth. The Background will be set, according to story parameters.

🎭 Step 3 [Roleplay]: Select your Protagonist's Metamorphosis, Arc and Regression. Players can select an Arc & Regression at random.

Ⓜ️ Step 4 [Metapowers]: Each Player will select for their Metanthrope, from the following list: one Prime Metapower which will be at Level 4, and a secondary which will be at level 3. 

Invisibility, Substance Imitation, Control Dark Matter, Control Kinetic Energy, Control Magnetism, Animate Objects, Duplicate Objects, Order Bending, Chaos Bending, Warp Reality, Meta Hearing, Meta Vision, Quantum Projection, Radiokinesis, Telekinesis, Elasticity, Thermal Powers, Alter Energy, Meta Touch, Meta Intelligence

📊 Step 5 [Characteristics & Stats]: Hierarchize your Protagonist's Characteristics of Body, Mind, and Soul and roll for Stats corresponding to each of the Characteristics. Afterwards they will choose a Characteristic to increase by +10%, a Stat to increase by + 15%, a secondary Stat to increase by + 10%, and a third Stat to increase by +5%.

📈 Step 6 [Gain 1000 Experience]: Players will not gain any additional Experience to spent. A number of free Perks shall be given to each Protagonist, according to who they are, and story parameters.

✍️ Step 7 [Finishing Touches]: Form your Protagonist's personality traits, imagine the appearance and looks. A number of advanced gear Possessions shall be given to each Protagonist, according to who they are, and story parameters.


All Protagonists created for this Sessions shall be eternalized in the game's Metabase hereAfter the event is concluded, participants will be able to rate and write a public review of the event, here on this page.


Feel free to ask any questions, inquire about scheduling, or raise any concerns in the comments below. If you feel there are any sensitive topics, no-go zones, or anything else that you need to let us know about, send @The Composera private message before the session.


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