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Beta 0,3 Updates discussion

John Vladman


Upcoming Beta Updates Discussion


🕸️Enter Meta🕸️

Enter Meta will not be included in the Upcoming Beta Updates. Enter Meta is the first Chapter of the handbook and it include introductions such as what is an RPG, Narrator, Metagaming etc. Also, real life timelines (session), in game timelines (downtimes, acts) and an introduction to what is a Metanthrope, Dimensions and more.

🕸️Rolling the Dice🕸️

This chapter of the book contains all the rules and system details. Here are the new system patches (not in any particular order):

1)      New Condition tables. Damage, Resistance and Life remain the same. The Resistances and Energy types of the game remain 4 (Cosmic, Elemental, Material, Psychic), what changes is that each kind of Damage has their own Condition table. For example FIRE = Elemental Damage but has its own Fire (degree burns) table, while ELECTRICITY = Elemental Damage but has its own table (with muscle shocks, spasms etc.)

2)      Immunity & Vulnerability. Immunity [Energy Type “psychic etc.”] added to game (it does what u think it does, we don’t officially have it now on the handbook). Vulnerability [ energy subtype] added to game. For example: Substance WOOD Elemental Resistance 15 (Vulnerability: Fire). Vulnerabilities’ exact drawback is not yet defined (extra dmg? Double dmg ?)

3)      Rules For: Severe Cold, Severe Heat, Suffocating (no oxygen), Drowning (no breath), Exhaustion, hunger, pain

4)      Rules for: Swimming, Jumping, Flying, Lifting, Carrying, Throwing, Breaking

5)      1 Free Action & 1 Reactive action / round defined.

6)      Movement Redefined (Size, Weight, Speed: all add +/- to the Movement (no x or / multipliers dividers for easier calculation) plus their own properties [like Reach in Size for example]

7)      Organs & Conditions: Head, Liver, Lungs, Heart etc: Extra Conditions and damage, and rescue times redefined

😎      Substance Table redefined for “alchemical changes (Control Matter for example) and for Crafting

9)      1% and 100% Rolls examples and refinement (especially for VS rolls) for most of (each of) Metapower // Stat Rolls

10)  Below 0% Characteristic// Stat redefined

11)  Action Scenes no out of character combat tactics, free RP my turn & out of turn defined

12)  Focused Actions/ Full Turn Actions (Multi-action, Move, Free Rp, Extra Actions) refinement

13)  Targeting General rule (Metapowers, which energy type) & Penalties table according to what is targeted

14)  Cover & how it works ( Nontas Shielding implementations. Durability at items & extra paragraph for shields 😃 )

15)  Specific Strikes explained ( takedowns, disarms, armbars, chokes) rules and Training required detailed

16)  Throwing items damage formula (weight of item thrown & speed of item thrown)

17)  Multi-Action refinement:

18)  Dodge No Movement Reaction rule

19)  hierarchy of revealing Roll result and spending Destiny at VS rolls refinement


🕸️My Character🕸️

This chapter of the book contains all the information about how to create a new creater, enrich and develop your character. Here are the new My Character patches (not in any particular order):

1)      Unlock New Metapower base Xp cost increased to 1000 ( check Prime Metapower on next part of updates)

2)      Perk Trained: Modifiers using items/skills/vehicles/specific Strikes without Trained penalties defined.

3)      Origin does not award Destiny. Origin and Arc award Xp. Destiny is given according to your involvement and productivity during a scene

4)      Perks New Cost: Level 1 = 100, Level 2= 200, Level 3= 300 etc. Only available at starting char, at Acts (downtimes) end and immortality. (plus Meta Intelligence, Meta Ingenuity, Meta Evocation Rolls at downtimes)

5)      Losing Perks and Reestablishing (for example my wealth is lost, my protectors are dead)

6)      Detailed tabled of Levels of success/failures for ALL Stat rolls (too much? Power [lifting limts], Creativity [value and effectiveness of creations, Manipulation [ soul penalties for example according to levels of success) and all others. Hmm

7)      Perk Sidekick: new SHARED XP rules (no roleplay of sidekick -> Narrator, Destiny rerolls and Action Scenes control explained. Attachment level based on Perk level.

😎      Crafting System (Substances, Materials, Designs, Rolls, Levels of outcomes)



This Chapter includes all the information about the Metapowers and Combos.

1)      PRIME METAPOWER: Your first Metapower is your Prime Metapower. In case one Metapower other than your first is at higher level than your first Metapower, then said Metapower becomes your Prime Metapower. Your Prime Metapower Classification and Energy have now implementations on how much additional Experience it cost to increase other Metapowers with opposing Classification and different Energies. (New entire Post incoming concerning the PRIME METAPOWER)

2)      5 NEW METAPOWERS: (The number of Metapowers on the handbook has to be 100, any other made by players is 100+).

1.       Meta Ingenuity [Creativity steady increase and access to privileges Crafting mechanics

2.       Meta Evocation [ IT IS NOT WHA YOU THINK. Evocation as if memory, feeling recollection/ memory. Conscience steady increase and similar to “Meta Intelligence 2 Genius” benefits of learning something new during downtimes

3.       Lunar Powers ( out and back again, look I will be honest, I don’t like this one, but since we have Planetary Powers and Solar Powers (which will include Combo ECLIPSE) [ Body based power that gives O.P benefits based on the phase of the moon]

4.       Hypnokinesis [ induce sleep and Mind Buffs/Debuffs. Much like Pheromones increase/decrease Stats of the Soul ((and Biokinesis does the same with Stats of the Body), Hypnokinesis will do the same with Stats of the Mind

5.       Detect Matter [ The way I see it, there is no clear and defined “Tracker” that can find items. It has to be one and if you include organic matter (people) we might have the best tracker of the game.

3)      COMBOS WILL UNLOCK. Combos can be activated by one or multiple players. In case of multiple, all must be within the Required limits (like range, visibility etc) and all must succeed on their appropriate rolls. In case of activation by one, the player needs to have all required Metapowers at lvl required and Pay an amount of Experience to unlock them , and finally succeed on all the rolls required on your own.

4)      Metapowers template: Activation, Roll (D100/d10), Range, Targets, Area [hex], Duration, Passives, Actives, Levels of Successess, Levels of Failures, Extra requirements [like Destiny], Effects and descriptions.



This chapter is reserved to the Narrators. No major updates so far expect the addition of Destiny to the NPCs.



In this last chapter includes tables and sheets for all players to use. Besides having categorized Lexicon and all (most) tables – this chapter will also include some general Hexagon effects, rules and Antagonist sheets.

1)      Hexagon Area Effects and Sizes. ( We don’t need to have the Hexagon visualizations on the Metapower description. Besides taking a lot of space, they are not all that different from one another. Thus, we categorize them in “line effect, area effect, nova effect, retracting effects) etc. and include them all here. So the Pyrokinesis 1, for example, will say XD10 damage with “Area 2, Retracting etc.)

2)      Teleportation, Portal and other effects detailed tables of not only bonus/penalty according to familiarity, but also a new table concerning levels of success/failure – how much close or far you went from desired location.

3)      Antagonist Sheets (not only “SWAT team NPC character sheet” explained for the Narrator but also “Animated Trees, zombies etc.” created by Metapowers and used by the players will have short Character Sheets with all appropriate information.


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