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Metanthropes is a tabletop roleplaying game about ordinary individuals, gifted with extraordinary abilities, finding their place in a Multiverse of entwining Timelines and mind-bending Dimensions. With Metanthropes you can bring to life any tale, of any era, setting, and genre through collaborative storytelling. A Metanthrope Character can be any individual imaginable. Similarly, the Player who created that Metanthrope can be anyone, from any walk of life. Metanthropes is an inclusive game that anyone can play.




Playing a Session of Metanthropes means participating in an interactive, non-scripted story, which develops around the actions and decisions you make in-game. Players immerse themselves in a world created by their Narrator, and although bound by certain rules, the game itself encourages unrestricted imaginative play. The Players and their Narrator forge a unique experience together, through collective storytelling.


Metanthropes are beings of limitless potential, in setting of endless possibilities. Metanthropes are imbued with Metapowers: metaphysical abilities which offer capabilities such as teleporting, passing through walls, controlling the minds of others, bending time, opening gates to other Dimensions, and hundreds more. A Metanthrope can possess a plethora of different Metapowers, enabling various synergies and unlocking powerful Combos. Anything that you can imagine is already part of the game. Therefore, Players can embody any type of Metanthrope they can come up with, and the Narrator can facilitate these Protagonists in any story they conjure. The goal of the game itself is to have fun by exploring the world the Narrator has created for the Protagonists to occupy. During a Session of Metanthropes, you can discover new Dimensions, engage in geopolitical conflicts with other Metanthropes across many Timelines, encounter extraterrestrial and extradimensional beings, attempt to take over the world, and countless more scenarios.




Metanthropes.com includes all the content of the game in the form of an easy to navigate compendium. It additionally includes tools such as the Events calendar where you can book your seat for upcoming events, the Forums where you can engage in discussion with other Players, the Coalition clubs where Players can form private or open groups to organize play, and resources such as databases of Protagonists, Antagonists, and more.  It further serves as a place to meet other Players, organize, schedule, and host your own Sessions. Members of the community can influence the game with their ideas and create their own content – making it part of the game. The game is played remotely, powered by Foundry VTT, a ground-breaking virtual tabletop platform which enables automations for the system’s rules, 3D dice, animated visual effects, and much more. 





My vision of Metanthropes is to one day be running epic Multiversal Sagas, with a plethora of Players and Narrators from around the world and venture together in one consistent story. During such Sagas, the actions of one Coalition of Protagonists can influence the world of the others. Together they will engage in overarching storylines which can determine the fate of multiple Timelines at once. Become a member of the Metanthropes community today, aid me in manifesting my vision of Metanthropes, and change the world with me!


Stay Legit,


Stay Meta.


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