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Triumphs, Tribulations, and Resolutions

The Composer


Happy New Year Metanthropes!


It has been a long time since we posted any news about the current state of development for our game. We are very excited to share with you the current state of Metanthropes development, the trials we went through to get here, and our upcoming goals; the Triumphs, Tribulations, and Resolutions for 2023.


We are about to finalize the 6th version of our game, code-named Crimson Version. This version includes updates to the already existing content of Chapters 1-4 and introduces Chapter 5: Narration, currently available to all Conductor & Orchestrator Ranks. Our esteemed @The Composer has poured over 20 years of storytelling and worldbuilding experience into it. This new Chapter gives our Narrators access to all the insights, tools, and best practices to help them tell their own immersive stories. New Narrators should find everything they need to take on the mantle of narration, while experienced Game Masters may discover new techniques and innovative ways to upgrade their game.


Along with the new content, Crimson Version also concluded the first round of playtesting with players that have joined our community during the Closed Alpha & Open Alpha phases of development. We delivered a variety of Introductory, Meta-Arena, One-Shot and Saga Sessions and have accumulated over 100 Sessions of playtesting during this development phase. We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to the group of  Alpha members that took part in these Events. With your ongoing feedback and support, we have concluded the groundwork to make Metanthropes a very enjoyable role-playing game experience.




Alas, our journey has not been without its tribulations. As of Autumn 2022, Astral Tabletop, the Virtual Tabletop (VTT) platform that Metanthropes utilized during our Alpha phase of development, has closed its doors. Without it, we are now VTT refugees, in an ever-changing landscape, Metanthropes has yet to find its home. Although our current research hints towards Foundry tabletop, we are still exploring other options, and new VTTs such as RPG Stories, and Owlbear Rodeo. Previously we iterated on what the perfect’ VTT for Metanthropes would be. You can expect a follow-up in the upcoming months, to give you more insight on how we choose the best VTT platform for Metanthropes.


Besides the setback with Astral VTT going out of business, we are steaming ahead with our Beta phase of development. We would like to give you an overview of what we’ll be working on in the upcoming months. First off, we aim to be more open and transparent on what we are currently working on. Expect us to give you updates more frequently, via this Blog section of our website, as well as over our social media channels. Secondly, we have published our Patreon page to give the opportunity for new members to join our community and gain access to exclusive Events and unique perks for our website and our Discord server.




This also marks the beginning of the Open Beta phase of development, and later in the year we will be releasing the next iteration of the core elements of the game, the 7th version code-named Burgundy Version. This version will include updates to all our existing content, new lore and tools for Narrators, as well as visual updates to our website. We have also considered all the feedback we have gathered from our playtests during the Alpha phase, so Burgundy Version will also include many balance changes to existing Metapowers.


This year we will be working to enhance our Social Media presence, as well as expand into new channels besides our Twitter account. Expect us to showcase the lore of Metanthropes and how-to guides via our YouTube Channel and to live-stream exclusive Events via our Twitch Channel. Follow and subscribe to these accounts to help us build hype around Metanthropes.


Finally, we want to express our deepest gratitude to the existing members of our community. Fuel by your passion and support, we are extremely excited to bring you the game to tell all tales and share our journey with you. Thank You!


Stay Legit,


Stay Meta.


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