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🌌🎭 First Multiversal Saga Rehearsal #2


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Event Summary

This is a Multiversal Saga: two (or possibly more) play Groups must be formed in order for this series of events to begin. During this event, new Protagonists will be created and the foundations of the Multiversal Saga will be placed. This is the "Session 0", the character creation process, and prelude of a new Saga that is going to playout throughout the next few months. 


This new Saga will consist of one or possibly two Rehearsal Sessions such as this one, where Players will create new Protagonists, three Episodes for each Group, one cross-over Episode, and one final epic epilogue, where all Players will play together. If this is your first time playing Metanthropes, consider participating in an Introductory Session first. Please make sure you have first voted on the Poll here, to determine which is the best Session day for you, and according to the availability of others, form your playgroup. This new Saga will be a modular event, and its Setting, Theme, and Genre will be influenced by the votes placed on the community poll here. Every vote matters and will influence the story!


Participants will be awarded 100 Community Reputation, and their Protagonist will be saved to the Metabase, to be used in any subsequent Session to this Sagaor new Sagas altogether. New Players can join at any Session during its runtime, as long as there are RSVP spots left. After the event is concluded, participants will be able to rate and write a public review of the event, here on this page.





Event Details

Session Room: Here 

Duration: 3 Hours

Available Slots: 4 Players - Make sure you reserve your seat by clicking the Going button on the left of this Event page. In case there is a last-minute cancelation, priority will be given to players that have clicked on the Maybe button and are online on Discord.

Description: Rehearsal, Session 0 to a new Saga

Schedule:  The Narrator will be online and present to answer any questions one hour before the scheduled start. There will be short breaks between the scheduled parts.

  • Part 1 (30 min): Discussion of new Saga
  • Part 2 (2 hour ): New Protagonists creation
  • Part 3 (30 min):  New Protagonist development and/or impromptu Metamorphosis Scene


Featured Metapowers: All 100 Metapowers (& 100 Combos) are available.


Feel free to ask any questions or raise any concerns in the comments below. If you feel there are any sensitive topics, no-go zones, or anything else that you need to let us know about, send @The Narrator a private message before the session.

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