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Introductory Sessions

Event details

Event Summary

This event is an Introductory Session to Metanthropes Role-playing game. It is the best way you can get acquainted with the game, enjoy a Session with the game’s creator, and other players around the world.

For the month of Julyeach Session would have a unique theme, that will serve as enrichening the lore of the game. This Session's theme is the first convention between the United Nations of Humanity and the representatives of the Coalitions of Metanthropes


Make sure you've followed the steps to get ready before your first Session here.


If this would be your very first Role-playing Session ever, you can learn more about roleplaying and Narration, starting here. If this is your very first Metanthropes Session, you can check out how the system works, starting here


Event Details

Session Room Note that you'll need to be invited once you confirm your Astral username with The Narrator.. Then you shall be assigned your chosen Metanthrope.

Duration: 3 Hours

Available Slots: 4 Players - Make sure you reserve your seat by clicking the Going.png.926382350cee71cb6ef66b569f1fedd3.png on the left of this page. In case there is a last minute cancelation, priority will be given to players that have clicked on the Maybe button and are online on Discord. In case no members have pressed Going, the event will be cancelled. 

Description: One-shot SessionIntroduction to the game of Metanthropes, Introduction to digital play.

Schedule:            The Narrator will be online and present to answer any questions one hour before the scheduled start. There will be short breaks between the scheduled parts. The event will include an introductory Scene, an Action Scene, and a unique epilogue according to your PCs, their decisions, and their roll outcomes. 

  • Part 1 (30 min): System and digital-play tutorial & PC selection.
  • Part 2 (30 min):  First Scene of the Session. The Narrator will describe the setting and bring the PCs together to form their Coalition.
  • Part 3 (1 hour 30 min):  Second Scene of the Session. Action Scene involving lots of dice rolls, intense roleplay, perilous combat & more!
  • Part 4 (30 min):  Epilogue and feedback discussion.


10 Premade Metanthropes to choose from (with their starting 1000 Experience already spent)



Featured Premade PCs: All Audience (and above) members can visit these links to learn more about the Metapowers themselves. In the picture above we have the following featured Metapowers: Life Restoration, Duplicate Self, Time Bending, 6th Sense, Control Gravity, Dark Energy Projection, Meta Strength, Electrokinesis, Mind Control, Ancestral Connection.


Featured Map: Modern Building



Each participant will be awarded 100 Community Reputation. After the event is concluded, participants will be able to rate and write a public review of the event, here on this page.


Feel free to ask any questions or raise any concerns in the comments below. If you feel there are any sensitive topics, no-go zones, or anything else that you need to let us know about, send @The Narrator a private message before the session.

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